Pro Trader Funding

What is the policy on Prohibited Trading Activity? 

You are also prohibited from using any trading strategy that is expressly prohibited by the Company or the Liquidity Providers it uses. Such prohibited trading (“Prohibited Trading”) shall include, but not be limited to: 

• Exploiting errors or latency in the pricing and/or platform(s) provided by the Liquidity Provider 

• Utilizing non-public and/or insider information 

• Front-running of trades placed elsewhere 

• Trading in any way that jeopardizes the relationship that the Company has with a Liquidity Provider or may result in the canceling of trades 

• Trading in any way that creates regulatory issues for the Liquidity Provider 

• Utilizing any third-party strategy, off-the-shelf strategy or one marketed to pass challenge accounts 

• Utilizing one strategy to pass an assessment and then utilizing a different strategy in a funded account, as determined by the Company in cooperation with Prop Account, LLC at their discretion 

• Attempting to arbitrage an assessment account with another account with the Company or any third-party company, as determined by the Company in its sole and absolute discretion.

If we detect that your trading constitutes Prohibited Trading, your participation in the program will be terminated and may include forfeiture of any fees paid to us. Additionally, and before you shall receive a funded account, the trading activity of the Trader under these Terms and Conditions shall be reviewed by us to determine whether such trading activity constitutes Prohibited Trading. In the case of Prohibited Trading, the Trader shall not receive a Funded Account. 

Additionally, we reserve the right to disallow or block You from participating in the program for any reason, in our sole and absolute discretion. 

To view all Prohibited Uses, please review our Terms and Conditions here, 

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